THE QUESTION...Infidelity

Let's get it out of the way. If you are on this site looking for private investigative services it is quite possible that you suspect infidelity in your relationship. If you suspect it, then it is also likely that your subconscious picked up on clues. Unfortunately, it is also likely that it has and/or is occurring...

People not directly involved may "simply" just say break up with him/her. True...then you don't need our services. But then there is reality: Divorce? Child custody? Support? Property? Unnecessary and escalating costs? A QUALITY investigation can make or break your case in court.

What will get the results you are looking for? (This is where it gets politically incorrect) Will you be seen as a red faced, yelling, angry and "jealous" husband or a wild-eyed and "crazy" accusatory wife? Without any supporting evidence...


You can have a professional report and experienced investigator in court with time stamped video, photographs, and sworn testimony. If you were a judge, how would you rule?

Signs of Infidelity


  • Emotionally distant.
  • Easily angered or irritated.
  • Overly critical of spouse.
  • Hurtful or cruel remarks.
  • Deliberately picks fights in order to leave house.
  • Overly evasive or defensive when asked questions about their day.
  • Develop a sudden interest in their partner's daily schedule.


  • A general  reduction in intimacy from touching to sexual activity.
  • An increase suddenly in sexual activity in order to cover the affair or simply because of a renewed vigor.
  • Demonstrates new sexual skills or interests.


  • Spends an excessive amount of time on the computer at night or after normal bedtime hours.
  • Increases the frequency of going out with friends.
  • Keeps phone on silent, deletes history or blocks caller-id.
  • Leaves the room/house when receiving calls.
  • Abruptly hangs up or drops phone when partner enters room.
  • Simple errands take much longer than they should.
  • Shower immediately upon returning home or suddenly decide to start doing own laundry.