Charleston Area Investigations, LLC offers a wide range of investigative services. From locating a missing relative, attorney work products in criminal or civil cases, pre-employment background investigations, child welfare/custody investigations and infidelity concerns.

The Difference

As much as we want your business, if we can't provide you with a QUALITY investigation, due to current case load, technical qualifications, or moral/ethical standards, we will decline or refer you elsewhere. We are not experts in everything. We would rather do LESS but BETTER!

Look below for some of the technology we utilize. If applicable to your case, technology can save you from paying worthless billable hours to have an investigator sitting in a car waiting. 

What we offer:

  • Infidelity Investigations - Investigations supporting divorce proceedings, child custody investigations, spousal support, etc. Knowing and proving in court are two different things. Proof of infidelity can save or gain you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in South Carolina, which is a "at-fault state".
  • Digital Forensics- CAI is partnered with a national digital forensics lab capable of forensics on cell phones, laptops, PCs, email and social media.
  • Vehicle "bug" Sweeps- Using the latest technology we can detect GPS tracking devices attached to your vehicle.
  • Pre-marital and Pre-nuptial Investigations -  You love them; they are probably who you think they are, let us check. Some  financial, educational, and professional checks can put your mind at ease. They don't have to know, discretion and your peace of mind is our priority.
  • General Locates - From locating a long lost friend or classmate. Maybe a lost girlfriend/boyfriend. Note: For these types of investigations we will notify the intended person, when located, and determine if they wish to have mutual contact. No persons protected under a Protection From Abuse order (PFA) or equivalent will be located by this agency.
  • Skip Traces - Let us locate prior clients, renters, civil judgements skips for you.
  • Pre Employment Checks - Before you expose your customers to someone of a questionable background and expose your company to liability; we can do the applicable background checks. 
  • Missing Persons - The police can only give a small amount of resources to most missing persons. We can give that extra effort on recovery or location of your lost loved one.


Charleston Area Investigations, LLC  uses current technology to accomplish the client's goals as is applicable to the case.

  • GPS Trackers - Can be used to save the client countless of billable hours to set a pattern before physical surveillance is started.
  • Drones - Available as needed and in compliance with FAA regulations.
  • Databases - Access to not readily available databases to include court records, DMV records, criminal arrest records, cell phone and land line searches, etc.
  • Cameras - In addition to high end cameras for both HD video and stills, surveillance vehicles are equipped with both front and rear  HD video cameras to provide continuous and safe surveillance as needed. All handheld camera images are Date/Time/GPS stamped for court purposes. Dash cameras are Date/Time stamped. 
  • Signal "bug" Detectors - Used to locate hidden trackers, cameras, cell phones. Our devices can detect 3G/4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Radio Frequencies. This allows us to locate devices hidden in/on your vehicle.
  • Covert Cameras - Used for surveillance when high end video cameras would be too obvious. Although not as preferred, they have their purpose.